Chantilly Center Now Open!

New ABA Therapy Center in Chantilly, Virginia

While our presence in the northern Virginia area began in October 2022, we are happy to announce that our full-service Chantilly, Virginia center is now open and enrolling families A look at the front of our new Chantilly ABA Therapy Centerfor ABA therapy.

Our prime location serves Virginia families throughout Fairfax and Loudoun County, as well as northern points of Prince William County. What we find is, most families will travel up to 45 minutes to obtain daily services for their child.

Services we offer in our centers include autism evaluations, ABA therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy and parent training.

Ally Behavior Centers was founded in 2019 by clinicians and healthcare professionals with a goal to provide the best quality early intervention ABA therapy based on research and common sense. We work with children ranging from ages as early as 18 months up to when they begin kindergarten. We are a full-time, in-center ABA program, meaning children come to our centers every weekday (Monday – Friday) for the full day, from 9 am – 5 pm. Our therapists are committed to providing personalized care for each child through the creation of individualized treatment plans.

A look into one of the NET rooms in our new Chantilly ABA therapy center.Our goal is to make the therapy each child needs more easily accessible, which is why we offer ABA, speech and occupational therapy services in all of our centers. Centers are set up to mimic a preschool-like setting and our trained therapists work one on one alongside our young learners. Throughout the day, children are given countless opportunities for socialization, communication and to prepare for academic environments. Evaluations for autism is another service that we provide for children up until five years old.

The Chantilly Center will be our 3rd center overall, but our first center in the state of Virginia. Our other two full-service centers are in Rockville, Maryland and Beltsville, Maryland, conveniently serving Maryland families in Montgomery, Prince George’s, and Howard counties, along with the District of Columbia.

To inquire about a diagnostic evaluation for autism or our ABA therapy in Chantilly, feel free to give us a call at (240) 342-2666 or visit our website, (for ABA therapy services) or (for information about an autism evaluation for your child).

For another Northern Virginia-specific (autism-related) resource, feel free to check out The Autism Society of Northern Virginia or our resources page on the website for additional information